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Ma’din Institute of Mental Health And Rehabilitation (MIMHAR) an undertaking of Ma’din Academy, an educational and charitable organization, is a Psychiatric Hospital cum Psycho-Social Rehabilitation and De-Addiction Centre, established with a view to rehabilitating people suffering from stress, mental disorders, addictions and other psychological illness.

Ma’din Institute of Mental Health And Rehabilitation offers comprehensive solutions for the mentally ill. The hospital also offers specialized treatment for schizophrenia, bipolar mood disorder, anxiety-based disorder, obsessive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, de-addiction treatment for alcoholics, drug-addicted people, depression, children with various behavioural problems and institutionalized care for geriatric psychiatric patients. The centre is spread in 3 locations with a facility that can accommodate 150 in-patients.

Our Facilities

Expert Mental Health Professionals

MIMAR has a core team of psychiatrists, well trained professional therapists, counsellors, spiritual instructors, psychiatric social workers and residential medical doctors to care for patients.

24x7 Helpline

MIMAR guarantees 24 hours helpline service for Emergency situations.

Spiritual Support

Our treatment is provided in a spiritually supported ambience. Meditation and moral guidance are an imperative part of our treatment.

Ambulance Service

Home visit and Ambulance facilities are enabled at MIMHAR.


Round the clock supervision by Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Physicians.

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Know Our Departments

Spanning over five departments we have resourceful faculties on action. Our dedicated psychiatric team are a ring away

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MIMHAR, trusted by thousands

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