In a heartwarming reunion, the ‘Margi’, comprised of survivors from the Mimhar Psychiatric Hospital, recently organized a jubilant party to celebrate their remarkable journeys towards recovery. The event, attended by numerous individuals who have successfully completed their treatment, served as a testament to the resilience and strength of those who’ve battled through mental health challenges. Under the able guidance of a dedicated team of professionals, including Dr. Fawaz (Medical Officer), Abdul Hameed Naimi (Director), Dr. Abdul Ghafoor (Clinical Psychologist), Dr. Sufiyan (Resident Medical Officer), Mubassir (Social Worker), and Shuhaib Khan (Social Worker), the day was filled with empowering and healing sessions.

Empowering Sessions and Heartfelt Connections

Throughout the event, attendees were treated to a series of insightful and motivating sessions, each thoughtfully designed to promote self-empowerment and camaraderie.

Dr. Fawaz, the Medical Officer, shared his experiences and provided valuable medical insights, reinforcing the significance of medical care in the healing process. Abdul Hameed Naimi, the hospital’s Director, emphasized the importance of a supportive community and shared stories of hope, reminding everyone that recovery is possible.

Dr. Abdul Ghafoor, a Clinical Psychologist, conducted an enlightening session on mental health and coping strategies, while Dr. Sufiyan, the Resident Medical Officer, discussed the role of medication in the treatment journey. The event was further enriched by the compassionate efforts of Mubassir and Shuhaib Khan, both dedicated Social Workers, who facilitated group discussions and ensured that participants built valuable connections with each other.

A Day of Celebration and Resilience

The Margi’s celebratory gathering not only showcased the remarkable progress made by survivors of the Mimhar Psychiatric Hospital but also highlighted the vital role played by the hospital’s compassionate and dedicated staff. This event served as a powerful reminder that with the right support, mental health recovery is attainable. It was a day of celebration, resilience, and a strong sense of community, underscoring the importance of solidarity in the journey towards mental well-being. The Mimhar Psychiatric Hospital remains committed to fostering hope, healing, and recovery for all those in need, and events like this one reinforce the hospital’s dedication to holistic care.

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